Welcome to this Blog

Hello and welcome to my small slice of the vast internet, another wise known as a blog.

Who am I?

Let me first introduce myself, my name is David. Yes, easily guessed by the title of the website. I am on the side of 30 where after all these years things are finally starting to make sense and you ask “why did (or didn’t) I do that when I was younger?!”. I am from Wales in the UK, born but not bred. My whole family is Welsh, however I have an Omani stamp (Oman is south of Saudi Arabia)

About me.

This first post is a chance for you to get to know me, however I have no idea where to start.
First off, lets introduce my small family. There is my Fiancée Emma, how she puts up with my is a mystery. Then there is my two children, Caitlin and Harley.

The first 12 of my working life I spent at a welder in a small firm. The idea of spending the rest of my life confined to a bucket became increasingly depressing for me. Now I work as a Foot Care Professional, I now and then do wedding photography and now I blog.

I can quickly loose time (when I have time) trying to solve different problems with math (budgeting) and computers. \
These days when I do have spare time to myself I can be found on my iPad with Roam Research or browsing Twitter or Pinterest. My mind has lost focus this last year with Covid-19 and I have no projects to work on. This is where a blog comes in.

This blog

I have tried blogging before now, it was a photography focused blog that unfortunately I lost interest in for a few reasons. The main being not getting out to take photos.
This blog is not going to have a focus (at least not yet). I want it to be open, interesting and about me in all honesty. I want to write posts or post things that are interesting and with how my mind is that can change and jump about everywhere.

I hope you will stick around and enjoy what I have coming for you!

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