Nissan NV350 concept caravan

Just been going through Apple News app and came across this article: Nissan has a cool idea to make remote working truly remote.

I have wanted a caravan for while now to have as my space and a base when out and about.
Most caravans out there seem too big for my my needs really. However just looking at the picture of this, it looks to be a fantastic size and the design, pattern and idea looks brilliant.
Looking into the article Trevor Mogg for Digital Trends explains that Nissan came up with the concept as a middle ground for a work at home and in the office because of the pandemic.
The inside office section slides out if you want it to so you can have an outdoor office and fresh air. It also comes with a balcony on the roof! Included with the package is a Herman Miller Cosm chair, a built-in coffee station and a comfy lounge chair for the balcony.
Sadly it does seem like this is only a concept and not a possible production product.

There doesn’t seem to be any information on Nissan website (if you find anything tell me please!) and pictures for this concept are limited, but boy do I like the idea!


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