Sometimes I hate my brain!

Sometimes I hate my brain. My mind does not slow down, it is always too busy, too turned on with sleep seeming the only off switch there is.

Ideas, projects, thoughts, feeling… things are constantly coming and going in my mind.
Sometimes ideas stick in tirade of thoughts to start to develop into… oh, never mind it’s gone again.
Even if it stays I have no doubt that my dyslexia will filter it out. It always stops me putting the ideas into physical form.

So many things half started before the interest is lost dues to frustration, lack of time and resources, or a better idea comes along. Is it lack of discipline or concentration? It could be something else like ADHD or something?

Give me a job and I will do it. Mass Production? I’m your man! Projects? Okay, give me the details and its done. However, try to get me to do my own work, project or anything that is all me, forget it.

Even writing this, I have got half a page written and lost interest in what I am doing.

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