5 Short Term Goals

I haven’t set any short term in a while. I have yet to commit and complete any short term goals either.
I think it is time to change that.

  1. Move
  2. Stabilise
  3. Write
  4. Got to catch ‘em all
  5. Stop!


Critically this is one area of my life that decreases all the time. I do less and less. I’m not walking or moving as much as I used to. Since this pandemic started things have gotten worse and I feel less motivated to do anything.
Half of my health problems comes down to the fact I do not move enough.
Now Harley has started school and we are walking him there I have felt better and my blood pressure has dropped.
A few times I have closed the exercise ring with the Apple Watch, the last week I have come close otherwise.

My goal is to get into the habit of closing all three rings by the end of the day.

Using the Apple Watch to track my movement and exercise, matched with Fitness+ I want to close the rings each day. Even if it means going for a walk after work instead of Fitness+.


Money has been in nothing but free fall lately. It has to get back in control. Nothing much else to say about it.

I use and app called You Need A Budget (YNAB). I have used it for years (on and off) and have found it the best out there.
The goal is double down and keep track of our budget and stick to our budget.


I keep a journal that I try and write in daily, however not everyday is there anything to write about. All hand written with fountain pen. The analog process I find helps me slow down and think more, a form of meditation in and of itself. A lot of my posts are first hand written.
Despite my dyslexia (which does affect my writing), I enjoy to write. My struggles comes from not knowing what to write other than post ideas or journal entries.

My goal is to start writing in my quiet time each morning. In that stillness before everyone wakes where dreams mix with reality.

I use an app called iA Writer because of the simple interface and aids. I want to fill this app with short stories, dreams, brain dumps and rants. What ever takes my fancy that morning.
If I can do this each day, practice and build up my skills, I would be happy.

Got to catch ‘em all

I have been a fan of Pokemon since the first game came out. I have played on nearly all the games since, currently that is Pokemon Sword. This game has defiantly been the best so far and I have enjoyed it, enough to be determined for the first time to catch *all* of the Pokemon in the game.
Then I found the Pokemon Home app both on the Nintendo Switch and mobile… you can put every Pokemon from 3DS, Switch and Pokemon Go on there!

This is my determined goal, to catch, trade and gather all the Pokemon, their different genders, variations, and Regional forms. If possible their shinnies.

Image by Thimo Pedersen through Unsplash

Yes, my geek moment, not sorry.


Image by Melissa Askew through Unsplash

The other thing I need to start doing is stopping. Spend more time doing nothing at all, more time in my head and with myself.
I find my self trying to fill gaps with something. Whether it is my phone, tablet, games, tv, anything that stops me from sitting with myself

My goal then is to have at least 5 minutes each day, stop, do nothing, no music, no distractions and stop. Sit with myself and listen to what I have to say.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.
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