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Growing up, I remember that I always had something to do, playing with toys, watching TV, outside playing with friends or family, drawing and even painting models. Failing that I used to stop and daydream.

Now as an adult, I am dependent on a sheet of glass with plastic and metal inside, that can quickly take my time and focus away.
Have you ever thought about or looked at what you use and do on your phone? While we watch TV we play on our phones only half watching this background distraction. When we go for meals you see people with phones in their hands instead of talking fully present in the moment. Heck even when we go to the toilet the phone remains in our hands. Even the idea of listening to music (through the phone) can quickly become a background noise as we need to be doing something on the phone. Day dreaming or being fully present is all but non-existent.

Starting here in November I am reducing my time spent on social media, games and devices in general. A first step to a Technology detox by setting up time restrictions, Focus and Downtime with my iPhone and iPad.

  • 2 Hours for Social Media: TikTok,Facebook, Discord, Twitter (not Tweetbot), Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.
  • 3 Hours for Games.
  • Downtime between 21:00 and 6:30: and hour before sleep and after waking up.

The idea is to spend more time being productive instead of wasting time watching TikTok videos and playing games when time could be spent writing, drawing or reading. Things that I used to like doing before technology took over.

The coming few months I want to spend re-setting my mind, get into better habits, removing time wasting distractions and trying to gain back a longer concentration again.
It is time to get out of this rut!

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