World of Warcraft on mobile?

It has been a number of years since I first started playing World of Warcraft, the great graphics, stories and large world.

This unfortunately not long after starting my adventure into the realm of Azeroth I could no longer afford to keep it going and when I finally got back around to playing it I found my laptop could no longer cope with the demand of the game.

Now it sounds like there is a possibility of WOW coming to mobile devices, something that has been asked for for a while. I know that with Apple and the new M1 chips, there really is no reason why it couldn’t be played on the iPad Pro at the very least.

The only down side is Blizzard has yet to announce exactly what is coming to the mobiles. Speculation seems to stand with a side game similar to Pokemon Go or the retired Minecraft Earth.

Time will tell, but it is definitely something I will be watching keenly.


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