Weekly: Future of this Website

I have been thinking a lot about my website, blog and what I want to do with it all. In the few years that it has been up I have hardly done anything with it, time being a small part of that. The biggest reason I have come to realise for me not moving forward with making this website so much more, overwhelming myself.

I find every time I open WordPress and start thinking about writing blog post I start worrying that my posts wont be that good, that I have no real idea how to put what’s in my head to paper (thanks dyslexia) and then I start thinking of all these great things that I would like to post. To add to all that stress for me I keep planning to get a post done in a week and life then takes over and before you know it its been a month and I still haven’t made a start.

When they say blogging is not for everyone I do believe that, I also believe in myself getting this right and creating a great website.

Recently I have opened WordPress again, and tried to write a blog post and then other ideas come up and I have felt myself getting overwhelmed again.

This time though I have realised that I am going to fast for myself and I’m going to hit the breaks and start from a simpler beginning while I keep note of ideas and collect information slowly at a pace I can keep to.

Temporary Content

I want to start by writing posts that I can get to know myself with, with information I know and at the same time let you get to know me a bit more.

So I have found on Pinterest a post by Jessica Lindholm Writing For Wellbeing my main take away form this is the core 101 writing prompts she gives us. I want to start writing some of these and posting as my main posts so I can get into a writing habit and work out a better work flow for myself.

After doing some of these I am then going to start looking to make blog posts on things that I really want to write about, things that will take more time to research and think about while also working and looking after family life.

This leads me to my next conclusion, Schedule.

New Posting Schedule

As I mentioned, I was trying to get blog posts written in a week, I cannot realistically do that currently. So I’ve changed how I plan to do this.

Main Post

I will be posting a main post once a month on the 1st of every month, I’ve yet to decide a time, but I’m thinking in the morning. This will give me enough time to work on it through out the month and give you something that is worth reading.

Weekly Updates

Sunday evenings I will be posting an update post, a quick post about things that I have been working on, things I have been reading and general things about life.


I am still planning on getting out more, so on those days if I can or the day after I will be writing about where I have been and what I got up to. These posts will most likely show up on Mondays.

Random things

Finally random things, things that I really want to share with you  now!

Moving Forward

It is going to take time for all this to come into play, so I hope you bear with me and help show your support by following and commenting.

I have a lot of things that I have learnt in the last few months and a lot of things I wish to share with you.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.
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