Adventure Day: Newton Beach

Today we had a few hours down Newton Beach in Porthcawl, on what turned out to be a very windy day!

Address: Newton Beach, Beach Rd, Porthcawl, Wales CF36 5NF, United Kingdom

Start : 51.47920,-3.67620

Hunting Place: 51.48058,-3.66769

About the Location

We found a small pebble that looked like an acorn, it must have had a fossil in it before.

It has been a very long time since I last came to this beach, in fact I have no living memory of being here. As far as I know this beach doesn’t typically get busy with beach goers, dog walkers come down here though because of that.
It is a nice stretch of beach with gritty sand that is great for finding shells, small pebbles and lots of sea glass.
You do need to pay for parking, however off season you can park on the main road to avoid paying. Just be mindful of the residences in the area and their access to driveways.

What happened?

Emma, Harley and I got there before my sister and niece came along. So while we waited we walked to the west of the beach to look among the rocks and pools of water.

When my sister arrived we headed East to where she knew a good hunting ground for pretty rocks and sea glass was. Our only battle was walking into the high winds. The kids did fine, but us adults was getting blown about!

We did have a great haul of bits of pretty rocks, small drift wood, shells and sea glass.
It was a good few hours out in the fresh air. The kids definitely enjoyed and in truth us adults really enjoyed looking to.

The sum of our haul, Harley spent an hour playing with them.


The winds were getting a little too wild for us to carry on, so we headed back to the car and treated Harley to a Burger King detour on the way home.

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