Weekly: 27 March 2022

As part of Show Your Work! – Austin Kleon who wrote a fantastic book that can be easily summed up to it’s title, show your work. I am now planning to write a weekly update post, a newsletter in a way, on things that I have worked on in the last week, things that I have done and what I plan for the week ahead. I am hoping this makes me feel more accountable and get me to write more blog post and get more productive work done.

What I have worked on

Setting up Roam Research

Over the last few weeks I have been using Roam Research again. I started using Roam Research in the later part of 2020, it proved so useful for keeping track of my thoughts, events going on, and the care of my Grandfather. As 2021 rolled in the usefulness (as I was using it) became less relevant and I stopped using it.

However after watching a Youtuber Shu Omi introduced the Zettelkasten method and how he uses Roam Research for that I thought again about using it.

So the last few weeks I have been setting it all up to minimise friction and maximise productivity.

Starting a Zettelkasten system

So as I mentioned, Shu Omi has several videos where he talks about Zettelkasten, how it helps him and how he uses it with Roam Research. I am working on a couple of posts talking about the method and how I have started implementing it and making it my own.

The brief of it, Zettelkasten is a method and system of collecting bits of information in a non-categorical way that allows different notes to interact with other notes that might not necessarily be linked. For example, Austin Kleon mentions about Curiosity Cabinets in his book, that links to productivity and creativity, that is now also linked to a project I want to do for Harley. This system helps find different bits of information that then helps to generate new ideas and content.

There has been a build up of ideas for blog posts that I had no idea how to start or what to put in the posts. There is course work that I could do with catching up with and several other things that I wanted to get information for.

So while I have been setting up Roam Research I have also been putting in the Zettlekasten type system.

Show Your Work

Show Your Work written by Austin Kleon is fantastic that has started me being more active on Twitter but also starting this weekly post. There is so much information in this book that it will take several reads to take it all in. 

After posting about the Zettelkasten system I am going to write a post of two about Kleon’s work. 

“Filler” posts

While I work in the background on the Zettelkasten and Show Your Work, I have started writing a few filler posts, as I stated in my last post Future of this Website, I want something easy for me to write to get into the habit and something that you and I can get to know me a little better.

So far I have one ready to go on the April 1st, and getting ready to write a few more ready for coming months.

Adventure Day’s

This week I only had one day of work, as a result I had time to spend for myself (more further down). I had chance to get back up to Craig yr Aber on Monday and Melincwrt Waterfall on Thursday with my sister.

Adventure Day: Craig yr Aber is due to go live tomorrow at 08:00 U.K. and Adventure Day: Melincwrt Waterfall I will post on Tuesday at 08:00 U.K. 

Personal events

Harley’s Room

Recently Caitlin moved into a bigger room that she seems to love. Although there is a lot to finish in there that is mostly little bits that we will get to.

Harley has desperately needed his own room. So this last fortnight we have painted and cleaned up Caitlin’s old room and moved furniture in. 

Once again there are things that need to be finished in his room to, but like Caitlin’s they both need to wait for more money to be saved first.

Mostly a week off

This last week I had only one day of work, so on Monday I went for a long walk back to Craig yr Aber, no badgers this time sadly. 

Tuesday sadly we had a funeral in the family, which was a sad day however the sun was out for a lovely send off. 

Thursday I went for another walk with my sister to Melincwrt Waterfall. It was a enjoyable walk and a good catch up with my sister.

I have spent most of the week catching up with some things but mostly spending time for myself, something that I don’t get chance to really do.

Yesterday I had an appointment with Hyundai Garage to talk about my car. They are desperate for second hand cars right now. So with nothing in hope I went to see what they would offer. As it turns out I might be getting a newer version of my car… for cheaper a month than I’m paying now!

Plan for the week

This week I am hoping to get a few more things done in the house and more importantly get a few more filler posts written up ready. After that I am hoping to spend more time planning out and writing my main posts.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.
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