Adventure Day: Craig Yr Aber

I decided to go back to Craig yr Aber again today, starting at the bottom carpark this time and taking a very different route. The weather was good and a I found a different path to follow.

Parking: 51.54752,-3.65148

Return Point: 51.56539,-3.65729

Reservoir: 51.55823,-3.65547

About the Location

Craig yr Aber is part of the Woodlands Trust and covers nearly 28 acres, for little information available on their website.

Craig yr Aber any time of the year is a beautiful walk, best I find in Autumn with the dark ferns and orange leaves. The best part about this area is the chances to go off the beaten path and go into the woods. There are a few paths that you can take with the main one that loops around.

Main path goes right, the bridge goes to the left and on to the other path.

In the middle is a small reservoir that is a pretty peaceful place to sit.

What happened?

The trail leading off into the pine trees.

I got there early today and parked in the bottom car park. I headed to a bridge not far up that crosses over the river on the left. It leads to a small patch of old birch trees I think before quickly changing to the tall pine trees.

It was here that I left the path and climbed up the hill among the trees. As I got near the top I found a bike trail that I started following along guiding me around. 

I found a few different pinecones and things to pick up for Harley.

After a while I reached the edge of the woods that came next someones farm land. Still following the path next to the fence it headed back down the hill and in amongst the trees I could see someone had made a den with bright blue tarp! Keeping my distance I walked around it and carried on down the hill losing the path to the den.

I met back up the one of the tails of Craig yr Aber and found myself at the far end on the pine trees. So I carried on up the trail, although the upward walk was hard work, the sun was warm and enjoyable. I was glad when I finally got the top and started heading back down.

I stopped off for a bit at the reservoir, sitting down to have a cuppa and sandwich. It was pretty peaceful sitting there.

The water looks so clean and calm.

Then it was time to head home.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.
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