Letter to yourself.

This small series of posts are suggestions from Jessica’s post Journal Prompts. I won’t be posting every ones of the 101 prompts, just a handful. This one is 21. Letter to yourself

There is a lot of things currently in my head right now. There is also so many things that is happening in life around me that is simply slipping by because i’m in overload right now. I have a lot that I need to figure out and sort out so I can more into a new chapter, a happy chapter of my life. However I have no idea where to start or what to do.

I’m hoping writing a letter to you, to myself, that I might be able to figure some things out.

Harley is growing up, and making some big steps in his life again, I’m so proud of him and they way is going. There is still a little concern with his speech, and maybe social skills, but I think they will fix themselves.

Caitlin posses the biggest problems to us right now. There seems to be just as much going on in her life and head right now that sadly we have not been able to help with. This mainly has been down to communication and the fact she can’t tell us exactly what is going on for us to help. A general “all of this” is difficult to work with. I know a lot is down to being a teenager in this age more than years gone by. She does cause a lot of stress and worry with us all if only she would look outside and see that.

Emma is on her course now, hopefully by next month she will be working again and we can get more money coming in. This would be a great help for us all and let us all move out of this rut we have dug. It will take some time to get used to the changes though.

Myself, I need to slow down from doing so much of everything else, get other to pick up the slack for a change. I need to get my butt in gear with other things, like get better organised with my current job. I need to make a better effort with my website and getting my head around that. More importantly I need to spend more time on myself again, real time.

I need to get more time amongst nature where I do feel happy, less time on phones and laptops.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.
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