New thought and ideas

While righting notes on the book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon I can to realise two things:

  • First, although I like using Twitter and it is now the only social media I really use (do you count Pinterest?), Twitter is limited in what I can totally share on it.
    I want to talk more and add more to the process and background things I am working on.
  • Second, on the topic of talking more, I have been waiting to keep this website for the main blog posts that I write. This means that pretty much once a month I would be posting. However there is things that I still want to post outside of the blog posts.

So, solution, the main blog posts I will now refer to as Articles, as it seems more fitting. I have also started a “sub” blog called Journal.


The articles are going to be the end product of research, time and learning. They are going to be something that hopefully you will find worth reading and also learn something from.


The journal is going to be full of links, ideas, thoughts. It will also be full of the process that leads me to a finished article, all the research, notes, thoughts and writing process.

Another way to put it, the process to the art and not the product of the art.

There is just so much I would like to share online, so much more to me that I would like to express and show the world.

I hope you all like this new format, please leave a comment on your thoughts or even advice, I would love to hear from you.

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