Social Media Links

Below is all the social media that I use for this website. Feel free to follow me on them.

If you do find an account that is not on this list please contact me.

David Williams Web

That is this website, currently my only website. That’s that even better for you, one place to find all the great content.

Click Here –


I use Twitter the most so if you really want to stalk me that would be the best place to start. I tend to share more things here and update small thoughts and events here.

Click Here – @dpwilliams


I have a Facebook profile all set up specially for this blog. I hardly use my personal one, so I need to catch up and get this profile setup and running so we can start a community.

Click Here – DavidWilliamsWeb1


Even if Instagram has gone away from “image sharing platform”, I still share my photos there. The stories behind the images will be shared in blog posts though.

Click Here – davidwilliamsweb


This is the best place to find ideas of all kinds! I love browsing on Pinterest and saving posts. Here you can find some of the things that I like and inspire me.

Click Here – davidwilliamswe (not a typo, no b)


Update to this coming soon… I’ve just started it!

Click Here – david-williams-0aa73b220


What started with watching my daughter has turned out to be great entertainment. Some videos get uploaded here.

Click Here – @davidwilliamsweb

Snap Chat

You can always message me here, although I don’t really update to this account.

Click Here – dpwilliamsweb