Adventure Day: Back to Craig Yr Aber

It has been a hot minute since I went out last. Today after weeks of bad weather and timings I finally managed to get out in the wilds again. I had promised myself that I would be out more this year, this is the first time but so much has been happening. Today was a much need break.

Today I decided to go to an old stomping ground, Craig yr Aber. No matter the time of year I find there is always beauty up there to be found. The deeper forest are the best, the most freeing, a place for imagination to bloom. It was hear that I put use to the foraging pouch and hunted for things for my son to look at and enjoy.

The small amount of things I found.
My nice sitting area.

The adventure today paid off. After trying to get to a spring that seemed naturally defended, I settled on stumbling across a beautiful spot. I sat and rested here for a while, the lazy Sun hanging to the left warming me up, a stream flowing on my right and a ruin of a long forgotten building in front. I sat on a tuft of ground covered in thick green moss and wrote in my journal while listening to the birds sing. It was a perfect moment.

Then I heard a sudden scatter of feet heading towards me! A flash of black and white zoomed past, jumped over the stream, under a fence and headed deep into the pine forest! I was so shocked to see a badger that, as far as I could tell, didn’t notice me being there.

The encounter was an interesting highlight to the adventure. The rest of the morning I spent slowly strolling through the woods heading back up to my car.

In all it was a nice walk, although I feel tired now I feel recharged again and I can’t wait to get back out there again. Harley also enjoyed looking at the bits that I managed to pick up, he loves the oak twig for some reason.