Weekly: Future of this Website


I have been thinking a lot about my website, blog and what I want to do with it all. In the few years that it has been up I have hardly done anything with it, time being a small part of that. The biggest reason I have come to realise for me not moving forward with making this website so much more, overwhelming myself.

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Update – September 2021

I have not been keeping up with this website as much as I wanted to. So I thought I would write an update post, let you know what I have been up to, what I am currently working on and future plans.

Where I have been

I haven’t been active here sine about May. I was working on a series called “All I Own” and I was in the mix of health issues as well.

I was finding that trying to write a series was too much of a commitment so soon and I couldn’t keep up with everything, doing the work for the post and writing the posts in time.
In the end I lost interest in the series, it is something I will pick up on at a later date, just not yet.

Because I was was feeling disappoint in that, when it came time to start blogging again I felt I had to carry on with the series and in the end didn’t write anything.

In the middle of all of this I found out I have high blood pressure and got put on medication for that. It did not agree with me to start with and for almost a month I was not well enough to do much more than function.

What is the plan now?

Reading back to my first post, I stated that I wanted to write random posts, things that interest me, thoughts and funny things. I am going back to this. While writing the “All I Own” series I felt trapped into having to write and continue that instead of posting something that interested me.

Going forward from that, I’m going back to my original plan and posting one off posts that I enjoy instead of committing to series.

I also want to push this website for myself with a bigger commitment. As such I want to spread into Social Media more and try to get my name out there.

I have also got a small list of posts that I have been working on or thinking about the last few weeks and will be delivering over the next few weeks.

Recent Changes

The “All I Own” series has been taken down for now. It has been an ongoing personal project, but it has been put on hold in my life for a minute. This will be something I will work on in the back ground for now.

I have added and changed pages on the website:

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Image by Hello I’m Nik through Unsplash